What exactly do I do???

If you know me, you probably hear me say, “I’m on my way to the studio” or “Darn it! I didn’t get enough hours in the studio this week” or “Meet me at the studio”. 

But what exactly do I do there??? Well, lots of stuff. So I think I will begin my first blog post by showing you around the studio a bit and letting you see what I’m working on this week. 

I moved into my current studio in June this year. It’s located in a tiny town in the midwest a few miles south of Champaign, Illinois. My studio is inside an old grocery store so I have plenty of space. It isn’t fancy (thank goodness!), just a raw functional work space. I think it’s going to work out just fine. 

I am a painter, printmaker, and illustrator, so I often hop around between various projects. Right now I am working on some fairly large acrylic paintings on heavyweight Coventry Rag paper (super heavy cotton printmaking paper). I have been experimenting with collage-ing linocut tissue prints onto my acrylic paintings. I love the combination! I’ll post more about this later.

I’m also getting ready for fall and holiday art fairs around the midwest. The first one will be the Salt Fork Art and Music Fest next weekend near Oakwood, Illinois (another teeny town) at Sleepy Creek Vineyards. I will be taking all of my letterpress and linoleum block art. I am just finishing some new 2018 calendars which will be available for the first time at the festival. 

Okay, back to the studio! Feel free to leave comments or questions below.

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