The Studio Circle of Life

I rarely become overly attached to my paintings and prints. I love them but I am more than happy to see them go to a new collector. I derive a great deal of satisfaction knowing that someone besides me likes my art, too - enough to pay for it and hang it in their home. 

But today I sold one of my favorites and now I will have to pack it and ship it and never see it again. I will paint more, similar paintings, but it was the very first one in a new series. It was where I made all sorts of new discoveries and decisions and, in the end, it worked! It doesn’t always work but this time it did. So I will miss it a little bit but I already have a few more paintings in the series underway, and my creative momentum won’t be interrupted when one goes out the door. I guess it’s the studio circle of life. One painting goes away as a new one is being created. 

(This painting was purchased on the Artful Home site where it was featured along with more of my paintings and prints.)

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